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Info Letter 27
August 2000

Best of luck for the last but important part of 2000!! Thanks again for your friendly and positive attitude during my visit to you at the beginning of the year.

Exports! I am hearing more and more about exports - to the rest of Africa and overseas - from my customers!! Products include: All types of poles (with different treatments) ; decorative pole furniture / garden improvements ; garden edging ; wedges & pole end stops. I do not know the value of these exports, but I would presume that it would have a very strong motivational impact (for export effort) if it is generally known. Could SAWPA be given these figures so they may publish it without revealing the names of the exporters?  Any suggestions?

Alternative Structures has been exploring the possibilities of partaking in overseas Partnership Programs and we have just been advised of our successful application to attend a meeting in Portugal 15 & 16 September '00!!  A very similar meeting will be held in Italy early December.  Ntsika is a Government/European Union funded organisation and facilitates export to and partnerships with EU countries. About 70% of the cost of these visits are carried by Ntsika/DTI. Please contact your local Chamber of Commerce or the author for more information.

Problems! Each sector has its share of conflict - as in the Pole Business so also in the sector that Alternative Structures finds itself in.  At the moment a certain company is busy marketing products using knowledge gained whilst sub-contracting for Alternative Structures.  Both the product technical information and customer list were revealed to this company in confidence -  in good faith and without any restricting contracts. We implore you to handle the situation as you would like it to be done if you were in this position.
 The range of products that Alternative Structures is supplying to the Pole Treating industry have expanded dramatically since November 1993 when we first supplied Mondi-Shefeera with 30,000 Omni-Markers!!  The product range consists of: Omni-Markers ; Omni-45 ; Alum-45 ; Rondo-Grip 50mm, 70mm, 90mm & 135mm ; Rectangular Anti-split plates ; Special markers ; Diameter tapes ; Delmhorst moisture meters ; Increment borers ; Flat bottom drills ; Magnetic head hammers ; Dead blow hammers for Anti-split plates ; Colour flags ; Rubber-stamps for timber ; etc.


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