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Info Letter 28
November 2000


Treaters ; SABS ; SAWPA ; Chemical & Marker / Anti-split plate suppliers etc.
Let us work together and raise the real quality and image of Treated wood.

Discounts for early or prompt payment are 10% ; 5% & 2.5%.  This easily beats interest that you can get or that you pay on an overdraft - please make use of it!

Omni-Doppie .  Alternative Structures' brand new Registered Design marker.  The Patented skirt is designed to facilitate easier application.  Thus it holds better and less energy is required to apply. We value this product so high the name was even Registered!

Product list.  Please refer to Products for a description of our products..

In Portugal I observed that few telephone lines and no electrical distribution are done with wooden poles!  Concrete poles are mostly used.   Guardrails next to the highways are held in place by metal pipes. So - wood can be replaced - please don't let it happen in South Africa through poor service from us!!

Experience of more than 10 years of managing Treating Plants is available from someone I know. He does run a plant currently but would like to close down and join a bigger company. Please contact me and I will pass your information to him.

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