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Info Letter 29
June 2001


A way of survival!

Omni-Colour :  Eskom Quality / Colour Coding. The all new, very visible, plastic disc - designed specifically to send a message in no uncertain way. Firstly it is used to serve as the new Quality Mark and Diameter Indicator for transmission poles prepared for Eskom.  It can also be used on any other pole to verify any quality inspection, charge or diameter class. The Omni-Colour, with a diameter of 40mm, is highly visible from a distance and is applied with one nail through a specially strengthened center hole.

SABS 457 Part 2 & 3.  These documents replace the old part 1.  Part 2 deals with Soft Wood and Part 3 with Hard Wood.  To submit to market demand / forces there has to be different levels of treatment. These different levels require different markings which in turn will require a higher level of management control. To help with this we have updated our SABS code explanation and we enclose a copy for you. Please discuss your plant's specific requirements with your local SABS inspector.

We thank our clients that are always friendly, that keep their accounts up to date (an extra thanks for those!) and who always receive us in a friendly manner on our visits.

Hurricane Lothar struck Germany & France on December 26, 1999 and damaged 500,000 hectares of commercial forests.  Winds of up to 200km/h uprooted 300 million trees - 140 million m³ timber.  To protect the markets wood is stockpiled and kept wet.
Source: Wood SA - April 2001
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