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Info Letter 30
August 2001


Do quality paperwork - huge profits are lost if not done properly.
ISO 9000 is just concerned with paperwork -  Thank you for visiting our revamped website where you can find useful information, price lists and links to more organisations in our trade.  Revisit often for the latest news, prices and other information. You can also link your own or any related website to our site at approx R250 (labour cost). Contact us for more information..

Congratulations to SAWPA - to mention Mr. Angus Currie specifically.  Because of their huge effort, treatment of poles (structural and others) are now under new legislation.

Omni-Doppie .  This product is already utilised by a number of plants. The strong edge which doesn't bend and the firm adherence to poles are very popular. It also appears extremely neat and unique.

South African Thatchers Association - a young organisation which was founded in the interest of Thatchers and the Public.  Please join now, we need the support of all people concerned. You can visit us at for valuable hints and information, a list of members as well as all available specifications.

Interesting News!! Please contact me with your interesting stories or information that should be shared with colleagues.

It looks good and works well!

Rondo-Grip 90 and RG-I 35 on Eskom poles

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