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Info Letter 31
February 2002


Outstanding service to your Customer - Think & Live it and quality will follow spontaneously!

The Omni-Colour was specifically designed and manufactured by Alternative Structures for Eskom Poles and other class or diameter recognition applications.  Refer to the photograph below and you will notice that 8 cavities for producing 8 items per cycle of 30 seconds. The Omni-Colour can be manufactured in any colour and can be  used in any application.  It is applied by means of a nail through the strengthened center. The hole is covered with a membrane of plastic to facilitate insertion and holding of a nail beforehand, this will check the loss of nails.  Diameter of OC is 40mm and it is 1.2mm thick.

Photo: Omni-Colour

It was our privilege to send small tokens of gratitude for either good payments and/or relatively high turnovers for 2001 to many of our customers. We were pleasantly surprised to note how many of the larger customers also fell in the exemplary payers category!!  A big Thank You for that.

Aluminium-75 marking labels has been designed for Eskom and any other application where more information or large lettering is required i.e. export, etc. Size is 75x55x0.9mm. It is a winner and we can apply nearly any word/letter without time delay or cost to Treater.

Photo: Aluminium-75

Statistics from SAWPA and feedback from SABS indicates a growth in the sale of Treated poles - 8.8% in 2001.  Each of the previous 2 years produced a 7% increase in selling prices.  We regularly supply Treaters who exports - some on a big scale!!  Alternative Structures is getting more enquiries and is exporting Anti-Split plates (round & rectangular) on a small but significant scale. Bodes well for 2002!

Thanks for your understanding when we were sometimes running late during the Christmas period.  We have decided to stay open over this period in the future because more Treaters are working and find themselves out of stock.

Interesting News!! Please contact me with your stories or information that should be shared with your colleagues.

It looks good and works well!

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