tools and equipment

Alternative Structures not only supply markers and anti-split plates to the pole industry. We also supply the industry with a range of tools that, amongst other things, facilitate the application of the markers and plates. These tools include the following:

Haglöf Precision Hook
For reliable length measurements with loggers tape.

The Caliper meets the demands and specifications of foresters regarding dust, shock,

High-precision laser rangefinder with built-in GPS and compass

Premium Split Stopper Hammer
 Split Stopper should penetrate with one strike. Do not hit several times and do not use the back side of the hammer.

Split Stopper Setting Tool. The solution for stapling logs and pieces of wood, which are likely to split.

High-precision laser rangefinder with built-in GPS and compass

The Haglöf Tree Core Reader is a field instrument that has been developed in cooperation with a leading European forest research institute.

Arbo Tag Tool Set 
The practical portable magazine with shoulder strap in combination with the magnetic nail seat in the specially developed Arbo hammer makes it possible to quickly apply the tag to the trunk.

Tree-Protector short
Our tree shoot and bud protectors represent a simple and ecologically worthwhile measure not only against game browsing, buck rubs and birds, but also against the formation of tree forks. 

...and so many more products please contact us and request a price list. 

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